Friday, March 20, 2009


Morden Blush1

Happy First of Spring!  I know, if you live where I do, its still cold.  Definitely better than it was, no more –20C days, but we’re not outside in shorts yet (well I heard there were a few when it went to 12C but I’m not that brave!)

This rose is Morden Blush during its first summer last year.  I became curious about roses two years ago, and last winter met a wonderful friend through a popular rose forum.  He has helped me through the trials and tribulations of rose growing, and made me realize it doesn’t have to be snobby or serious!  I gaze upon this picture and sigh, waiting for next month when I can dig my hands into the earth again.  There is something so satisfying about getting down and dirty(in the garden of course), and soon having something so amazing to show for it.  I only got a few blooms from it last year and it became leggy (a great attribute in us girls but not what you want in a rose!), a side effect of too little sun in my very shady backyard.  So shady in fact that we can’t even grow grass back there.  It will be moved to the more sunny front of our little townhouse to join my other roses like Out of the Blue,  I think I’ve finally given up on plants needing sun in the backyard unless they can grow in a lot of shade.


Out of the Blue

Last year we grew a large pot of herbs on our front porch.  I remember excitedly going through tables and tables of choices at the nursery, trying to decide what would smell best all together.  I hate to admit, I never used even one leaf of our choices in our cooking.

Pot of Herbs

From front centre going clockwise – chocolate mint, lemon grass, lemon thyme, rosemary, basil.

I would sit on the front steps, and crush a couple of leaves between my fingers and inhale the scent.  All of them smelled so wonderful, and they were attractive all bushy and green together.  I wish I had known how to utilize them then!  I get afraid of spices as they can wreak havoc on my reflux, but I am finding small amounts may be tolerable.  This year we plan on getting herbs again, but actually using them this time.  The lemon grass would be lovely steeped in tea, or an iced tea…or used in a simple syrup for a sorbet.  The rosemary for my husband’s favourite use of roast beef,  Beef Dip or a pureed bean soup I have been curious about from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook.

What are you looking forward to most about spring?  What is your favourite dishes for using fresh herbs?


  1. What beautiful photos!! Love the tone of your blog!! Nice to "meet" you!! :)

  2. Thank you so much Andrea, its great to "meet" you too!