Monday, April 13, 2009

Super Easy Easter Nests

pretzel nests1

I know that by this point, most of you are probably in a sugar filled haze and maybe ready to swear off chocolate forever regretting one(or 10) too many Easter eggs.  But before I can lay this wonderful chocolate-filled holiday to rest, I wanted to share an extremely fast and easy candy of sorts that would be perfect for the kiddos(or just for those of us that need something cute, tasty and better yet – fast).

First I lined a cookie sheet with parchment so the nests wouldn’t stick.  Then I simply broke some pretzel sticks into smaller pieces  into a bowl and mixed with enough melted milk chocolate to cover evenly.  The whole point being that you want the pretzels to stick together in a little bundle.  I then dropped small circles of the mixture onto the parchment, using the spoon and clean fingers to press it together (as you will find some pretzels will try to make a run for it).  Before the chocolate set, I nestled a couple of Cadbury Micro Mini Eggs onto the top.  These would be really cute with some small jelly beans as well. Pop into the fridge to set, and once completely set you can store in the fridge in an airtight container. Ta-Da!

pretzel nests2

Mr. BotC had never tasted chocolate covered pretzels before and was most pleasantly surprised that he liked it.  The saltiness of the pretzels really balances out the sweet of the chocolate.  You could of course add extra goodies to the mix such as coconut, peanuts, dried cranberries or marshmallows.

pretzel nests3

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable Easter weekend!

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